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Info about the new book "Scottish Terrier" by Muriel Lee and published in 2000. Many of the photos were taken in Holland by Alice van Kempen and show our Pointchester Scotties. On the front cover and several inside pages can be seen Pointchester Zero She Flies, a Multi champion brindle bitch. Her grandmother, Pointchester Ruby Regina, is on the back cover and her head study shows up on many pages on the top corner. Several of the puppy photos are of pups bred by Jac.van Riet, sired by Pointchester Modern Times (a brother of Zero She Flies). Hanna can be seen in a few of the photos as well. We really are proud of this book.

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Scottish Terrier Books
Title Author Year Rating
The Kennelgarth Scottish Terrier Book Betty Penn-Bull 1983(1st Ed.) 1997(2nd Ed.) *****
The New Scottish Terrier Cindy Cooke 1996 ****
The Official Book of the Scottish Terrier Muriel Lee 1996 ***
Scottish Terrier T.H.Snethen 1988*
Scottish Terrier Muriel Lee 2000****
The New Complete Scottish Terrier John T.Marvin 1967 (1st Ed.) 1982 (2nd Ed.) ****
This is the Scottish Terrier T.Allen Kirk Jr. 1978****
The Popular Scottish Terrier Dorothy Caspersz 1956 *****
The Scottish Terrier - Its Breeding and Management Dorothy Gabriel 1938 (3rd Ed.)***
The Book of the Scottish Terrier Fayette C.Ewing 1932 (1st Ed.) 1936 (Rev.Ed.)****
The Scottish Terrier W.L.McCandlish 1927 (4th Ed.)***
The Scottish Terrier C.J.Davies 1906 *****
Scottish Terrier Beeders & Exhibitors Association STBEA Yearbook *****

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